Lica Toni

Luca Toni recommends two key signings for Milan’s summer transfer window


World Cup winner Luca Toni believes there are two key signings that Milan need to make this summer to improve their squad. The former Fiorentina and Juventus striker shared his insights in an interview with Tuttosport, however his recommendations might be financially challenging for Milan to pursue.

Luca Toni’s advice for Milan’s summer transfer market is clear and ambitious. “Why not go for him?”, suggesting that Milan should target Julian Alvarez from Manchester City. “If Julian Alvarez no longer wants to sit on the bench, he is a player who has already won and is accustomed to winning.” This aligns with Milan’s strategy of targeting players from big clubs who have limited playing time, similar to their approach with Christian Pulisic.

The second recommendation from Toni is Rodrygo from Real Madrid, a team preparing for the Champions League final. “Rodrygo is another player I would go for immediately if he were available. With Mbappé’s arrival, there will be significant competition in the attacking positions. It’s better to be a key player at Milan than to play less at Madrid. I would choose to join a top club like the Rossoneri over sitting on the bench.”


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