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Romelu Lukaku wants Inter return


Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku is keen to return to Inter this summer and has reportedly spoken to the clubs managers. The Belgian international was fundamental to the Nerazzurri’s title win last season before being sold for £97.5 million back to Chelsea.

La Gazzetta dello Sport report that Lukaku is very keen to return to Italy and is doing everything in his power to make a move happen.

The 28-year-old has reportedly spoken to messaged and made direct phone calls to Inter executives, telling them “If you want me, if you take me back, I’m there.”

Gazzetta suggest that in order for a move to happen, Chelsea would need to be willing to let the player return to Inter on loan as they can’t afford to buy him outright this summer.

Much will depend on what happens to Chelsea in the coming months, given the club is currently up for sale, but Inter would be prepared to offer some form of redemption in the loan deal.

For his part, Lukaku would need to agree a wage cut as his current €12.5 million salary is too high and a figure closer to €7.5 million would have to be a agreed.


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