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Marco Fagioli: ‘I’ve watched his goal 30 times’


Nicolo Fagioli’s father says he has watched his son’s debut Juventus goal at least 30 times since Saturday: ‘a few tears always fall.’ The Bianconeri youngster was the difference maker in their 1-0 win over Lecce and speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Marco Fagioli charted his sons path to success in Turin:

I became a Juventus fan thanks to my dad and as a kid, I doted on Michel Platini. The same happened to Nicolò: he sat next to me watching the games on television and it was immediately love at first sight. It’s a family love, Juventus.

Idols? Yes, Del Piero was the first icon for Nicolò, but he had no poster in his room. Only balls and tennis balls, his other great passion. After Alex, he fell in love with Paulo Dybala and was also lucky enough to get to know La Joya and play alongside him. They have a nice relationship, I think Paulo complimented him the other night after the goal at Lecce.

I was also moved, like Nicolò, after that beautiful goal. I hope it is only the beginning, but it is already a dream for me, because I am a Juventus fan. I only said one thing to Nicolò after the game: ‘for a few hours enjoy this goal, you deserved it.’

Since Gigi Milani, a fantastic person and great Juventus manager, noticed my son at 12 years old, once a month we took Nicolò to train in Vinovo. There was an agreement with Cremonese, his club of the time. If in those days Juventus played in the Champions League, we took the opportunity to spend the evening at the Stadium, as real fans, as we have always been.

Nicolò dotes on Alvaro Morata, they are friends and have a beautiful relationship. My son and his fiancée Giulia were also on vacation with the Spanish family. Alvaro was one of the first to congratulate my son. Ronaldo has also been fantastic with Nicolò in the past, when we all got scared about my son’s heart problem, it was Cristiano who reassured Nicolò by telling him that he too had a similar problem as a boy and did not have to worry, that it would be resolved.

His goal? I have seen the it at least 30 times since Saturday and a few tears always fall. The type of goal , however, did not surprise me. I saw him scoring like that in Genoa,  also against Empoli, when he was younger. As a kid he scored from midfield more than once. Maybe he could have a goal like this against Inter. I say it more as a fan than as a dad.”


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