Milan Stadium Project in San Donato Gets Green Light from Municipality


Milan’s ambitious stadium project in San Donato has taken a significant step forward as the municipality, under the leadership of Mayor Francesco Squeri, officially initiates the process. Following AC Milan’s Board of Directors’ decision to acquire key land parcels crucial for the project, the mayor’s office is set to unveil the first official move in what promises to be a transformative journey.

Today marks a crucial milestone for Milan’s stadium project in San Donato. Mayor Francesco Squeri is expected to address the press, presenting the inaugural action by the municipal council that formally sets the stage for the urban planning agreement required for the stadium’s construction in the San Francesco area.

According to La Repubblica-Milano, the progress comes after the completion of the technical evaluation phase by the San Donato municipal offices on the project presented by the Rossoneri at the end of September. The council will now vote on a document characterizing the new stadium project as “feasible and achievable.”

Municipal authorities, tasked with scrutinizing every detail of Sportlifecity’s proposal (owned 90% by AC Milan), have included requests for additional insights and clarifications on specific technical aspects. Environmental and traffic-related concerns have also been brought to the forefront.

“The formal act is now underway,” explains Assessor Massimiliano Mistretta. “The process and dialogue with all stakeholders, including the Region, will begin for the program agreement.” Despite anticipated adjustments to the project, there is an air of optimism surrounding Milan’s intentions. “Our response to the request is affirmative. The project can be realized; almost all the cards are on the table. Now, the administrative process begins,” adds Massimo Zuin, San Donato’s Sports Assessor.

While the San Donato-Milan venture progresses positively, the fate of Milan’s iconic San Siro stadium remains uncertain. A restructuring plan, set to be unveiled at the end of January by Arco Associati, has generated interest, although neither Inter nor Milan have disclosed any comments.

The municipality, led by Mayor Francesco Squeri, appears unfazed by the developments at San Siro. They perceive Milan’s decisive steps toward the hinterland as an indication that a significant reversal towards San Siro is unlikely. AC Milan, under the leadership of Gerry Cardinale, has consistently expressed interest in San Donato. Recently, the club’s Board of Directors greenlit the acquisition of lands crucial for expanding the stadium project, further solidifying their commitment to the San Donato initiative.


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