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Mourinho: ‘Certain things should stay on the pitch’


Roma coach Jose Mourinho believes that ‘things that happen on the pitch, stay on the pitch’, alluding to last weeks incident against Bodø/Glimt. Roma goalkeeping coach Nuno Santos and Bodo/Glimt manager Kjetil Knutsen allegedly came to blows after the 1-1 draw with an investigation expected to be opened by UEFA.

Speaking after Roma’s 2-1 victory over Salernitana, Mourinho addressed some issues with his bench and alluded to last week’s match:

I never hide the truth, unlike some other clubs or the police. One of the players on my bench said to Salernitana, ‘You’re going back to Serie B!‘ Which they did not like and I apologized in the kid’s name for what he’d said.

That’s what civilized people understand: things that happen on the pitch, stay on the pitch, and nobody’s going to be waiting around for somebody else to punch them in the face.”


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