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Mourinho: ‘I felt ashamed to be on that touchline’


Roma manager Jose Mourinho was indignant following his side’s 1-1 draw with Napoli, saying he ‘felt ashamed to be on that touchline.’ The hosts were awarded an early penalty while Roma were denied a similar appeal when Nicolo Zaniolo was bought down by Alex Meret.

Speaking to DAZN after the game, Mourinho did not hold back in his assessment of the match officials:

I celebrated because it seemed impossible during this game to get out of here with a positive result,.

That’s not because my team did not play well, because we did and improved during the game, but I had the sensation it would be difficult, if not impossible, to leave here with a positive result.

This is why I celebrated the point, but looking back what I saw and heard in the locker room and the reason for my celebration, it seemed impossible.

My team was fantastic this evening. After Thursday’s match in the Conference League, this game felt like scaling Everest, but with great quality, character, incredible fitness and mental strength, we did it. We wanted more, but we achieved what was possible.

The reason Mkhitaryan plays every minute he possibly can is that he is remarkable, but another 90 minutes would’ve been beyond him today. Leicester City changed nine players in the Premier League, we cannot do that.

My team was fantastic nonetheless, I have immense pride in these lads. There are teams challenging for the Scudetto, we are not, but we still have the right to play and try to win games. Today it seemed like we did not have that right to play in order to win this match.

I read also something written by someone with responsibility who said the league will be decided if the referees make errors against the three challenging for the Scudetto. Well, I say the league can also be decided if errors are made in favour of the teams fighting for the Scudetto.

It seemed impossible for us to win this game today. I don’t want to say too much, but Mr Di Paolo, not to mention Di Bello… at times, I felt ashamed to be there on that touchline.

Specific incidents? Do you want two, three or more? I’ll give you three: red card for Zanoli, in the first half he should’ve had a second yellow in any league in the world.

Second, the penalty not given to Zaniolo, OK the goalkeeper gets the ball first, but after that the ball is still within reach and Zaniolo is brought down. There’s a lot more, but I will stop here.

Enough, there ought to be a little respect. Unfortunately, we didn’t do well enough during the formative period of this squad and cannot challenge for the Scudetto, but we still want the right to challenge for victory in a match.”


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