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Mourinho: ‘Juve point penalty? It’s a joke’


Roma coach Jose Mourinho reacted to the news that Juventus have been docked 10-points with two games of the season left: ‘It’s a joke’. The Portuguese tactician was speaking with DAZN after the Giallorossi’s 2-2 draw with Salernitana and was asked about his teams performance, the upcoming Europa League final, and the breaking news that the Bianconeri would be docked 10-points by the Court of Appeal for their alleged capital gains case:

 “The first half was not of great intensity, of great desire to play. There was little concentration. Maybe because of the many changes, maybe the fault is mine, however, my situation is not easy: there is a final to play, many tired players, changes forced and agreed before the game. It is not easy to do this management. Difficult match, Salernitana was playing like its final of Champions League, the way I like it: it is not a criticism, on the contrary. Pairetto good as always, he always does his job well. The result that was not what we wanted, now there are two league games left and the final which is more important.”

“Juve’s points penalty? This for me is a joke, to know this thing with two games still to play for us, for everyone, even for Juve…if they had told me this before Monza, before Bologna our approach would have been different. Upon knowing that Juve was taking a points penalty and that our best situation would be to bet everything on UEFA, we decided to do that. For Max Allegri and for the players I am sorry, but at the championship level I have to say that it changes a little something.”

“A distorted season? In my opinion yes but I don’t want to talk more about that. I prefer to say that I am sorry for the professionals who work like me and who pay because maybe managers, companies made mistakes.”


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