Di Lorenzo

Napoli and Di Lorenzo look set to reconcile


A ‘peace summit’ between Napoli and captain Giovanni Di Lorenzo has resulted in a positive outcome, signaling a thaw in their previously strained relationship. The meeting, which took place at Hotel Britannique in Naples on Tuesday, was attended by club president Aurelio De Laurentiis, new manager Antonio Conte, sporting director Giovanni Manna, and Di Lorenzo’s agent Mario Giuffredi.

La Gazzetta dello Sport detail how the two-hour discussion aimed to clarify misunderstandings and rekindle the desire to continue their partnership. This productive meeting followed a previous talk between De Laurentiis and Giuffredi on Tuesday, further emphasizing the renewed spirit of collaboration.

Conte, Napoli’s new manager, has played a crucial role in this reconciliation. He has identified Di Lorenzo and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia as key players for his project, making their retention a priority. Conte’s stance on Di Lorenzo’s situation has been particularly influential in bridging the gap between the player and the club.

The tension between Napoli and Di Lorenzo had escalated in recent weeks, with the captain feeling sidelined after a conversation with sporting director Manna at Castel Volturno. This discussion, coupled with De Laurentiis’ earlier comments about no players being “unsellable,” had created a rift, despite Di Lorenzo’s contract renewal until 2028 (with an option for 2029) at €3.2 million net per season.

The situation had deteriorated to the point where Di Lorenzo faced jeers from fans during Napoli’s last home game against Lecce, a stark contrast to his status as the first captain since Maradona to lead Napoli to a Scudetto.

However, the recent meeting has significantly improved the outlook. While final decisions will be made after the European Championship, where Di Lorenzo is currently representing Italy, the signs are promising for a continued partnership.

This reconciliation is seen as a gift for Antonio Conte as he begins his tenure at Napoli. The club has also renewed the contract of midfielder Folorunsho, another client of Giuffredi, further solidifying the renewed positive relationship between the club and the agent.


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