Di Lorenzo

Napoli hold meeting with Di Lorenzo agent amidst Juventus interest


Sky Sport Italia report that Antonio Conte, Giovanni Manna, and Mario Giuffredi, the agent of Giovanni Di Lorenzo, met today. The 30-year-old full-back has reportedly told the club that he wants to move to Juventus this summer, despite Conte’s insistence that he wants the full-back at the club.

Gianluca Di Marzio reports that a meeting lasting about two hours between Conte, Giovani Manna, and  Giuffredi  concluded earlier today, with the main topic being the future of the Napoli winger and captain. The dialogue between the parties was calm but preliminary.

Giuffredi explained the reasons for his client’s discomfort, and how various events that occurred during the season and afterwards led him to consider the possibility of leaving Napoli.

On his part, the new coach reiterated how essential Di Lorenzo is for him. Conte reportedly listened to and understood the player’s motivations, and the various parties involved presented their respective positions. Now the ball is in Giovanni Manna’s court, who will try to reconcile a situation that is not easy, given that the player is quite troubled and tense due to a series of situations that have involved him.


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