Palladino: ‘We played a good half, we know what we did wrong’


Raffaele Palladino believes Monza played a ‘good first half’ against Atalanta, but were out of the game after the second goal. The Biancorossi slipped to a 3-0 defeat against a dominant Atalanta team, with Gianluca Scamacca scoring a brace to secure a valuable three points for La Dea. Speaking in his post-match interview, Palladino insisted that he and his team know where they went wrong, they just need to implement this into their game now, to improve results.

“If we only focus on the result it’s normal that we are sorry. However, we faced a team with great individuality and aiming for the top positions in our league. I’m sorry we conceded the 2-0 on an error. I believe, however, that we played a good first half. At 3-0 it was hard to get it back. These matches make us grow and make the many young players who entered today grow”.

“The 2-0 cut us off. We were still in the match and in the game. The team was holding well and was putting in a brave performance. That’s the regret. We know what we did wrong and growth also passes through these tests. Now there is the international week and, after two days of rest, we will start working again”.

“I wouldn’t focus on the attack. Atalanta come at you high and jump on you. They make you play badly. That’s why I was asking the forwards to attack the space and find each other. It’s a pity because we still had our chances.”


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