Palladino: “We want 100 points in two years – A derby against Como will be very exciting’


Monza’s head coach Raffaele Palladino says he is looking forward to playing a derby against Como in Serie A next season. The Biancorossi are gearing up for a crucial fixture against Fiorentina at the Franchi on Monday evening, aiming to secure their first league victory at home in almost two months. Ahead of the clash, Palladino spoke about his aims for the club and it’s growth over the last few years, moving from Serie C all the way up to Italy’s top division:

“Tomorrow against Fiorentina will be a very stimulating game. They are a strong and in-form side, and we will be playing at their home ground. As always, we have many motivations to play our game. We can’t wait to take to the field, and we’ve had a good week of preparation. Unfortunately, Maldini, Andrea Carboni, Ciurria, Bettella, and Machin will be unavailable.”

On the Team’s Growth Over Two Years: “The seasons are long, and it’s not easy to pinpoint the best moments of my two-year tenure here. We’ve grown a lot, especially in adversity. At Monza, we work with a smile, and that’s the most important thing. Football is all about motivation, and it comes from this. We must try to finish the last three matches in the best possible way because we still have many objectives to achieve, such as reaching the 100-point mark in two years. We must always be ambitious, and over time, we’ve raised the bar, coming close to Europe. I don’t know if there will be a bonus for qualifying for Europe; that will be up to the club. Remaining in Serie A for another year and never fearing relegation is already a huge achievement for us.”

Continuing, Palladino reflected on his personal journey: “The match I’ve struggled to digest the most over the past two years was against Torino in Turin. But there have been many matches I’m proud of, from our performances against Milan and Lazio this year to facing Juventus. I’ve told the team that at this moment, I might not even need to coach because they know how to do everything independently. As for my personal journey, the best ideas come to me at night; this job involves constant study and staying updated. Football is always evolving. The league standings? I believe the points you have at the end of the season are the ones you deserve. Perhaps we deserved a bit more if we closely analyze individual performances.”

Commenting on Individual Players, Particularly Colpani: “The player who has surprised me the most is Andrea Carboni. This summer, he was convinced he wouldn’t continue his journey here at Monza, but I convinced him to stay. Andrea has made tremendous progress; he had a difficult period in the middle of the season but is now doing great. He had a fantastic game against Lazio. For me, he’s already ready for the big leap.”

Praising Italian Clubs in Europe and Como’s Return to Serie A: “I want to congratulate Italian teams and Italian coaches in Europe, from Roma and Fiorentina to Atalanta. The Como derby in Serie A will be very exciting; I’m pleased because it’s a very stable ownership. Next year, the Serie A championship will be even more thrilling.”


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