Salernitana CEO: ‘There were some dubious refereeing incidents against Juventus’


Salernitana CEO Maurizio Milan called into question the performance of the referee in their 2-1 loss to Juventus: “We will ask for explanations.” After taking the lead in the first half thanks to Giulio Maggiore, who was sent off in the 53rd minute, the hosts lost in a comeback: Samuel Iling-Junior and Dusan Vlahovic scored in the 65th and 90th minute respectively to make it 2-1. Club CEO Milan opted to come out and do the post-match interview with DAZN, rather than coach Fillipo Inzaghi:

“We are satisfied with what the team represented today. Coach Inzaghi interprets the spirit of the club at this moment, a spirit that is very angry for some very dubious refereeing episodes. I’m referring to Maggiore’s sending-off, there was an obvious foul on Simy beforehand, and the episode, which for us was very striking, of Gatti not being sent off.

“In short, we feel we were very penalised this evening and I must say the crowd was also quite mortified. This obviously does not take anything away from Juve, to whom our compliments go, but I think that as early as tomorrow morning we will start asking for explanations at the right tables”.

“These are the two most obvious mistakes, but then there was an attitude in my opinion quite spoiled throughout the match, even in the warnings to Costil. In short, we have various things to say, in the right contexts and at the right moments. Let’s also let a bit of rage and bitterness, which is a lot, cool down. We’ll take our time and tomorrow morning, there’s also a League meeting, we’ll start to put our feet up a bit’.

“The return of Walter Sabatini? The return of director Sabatini is an important return for us, because obviously we all have memories of the team he made in the ride to safety. The director is working quite incessantly these days to strengthen the team. There is a lot of work, contacts are perennial with the club and especially with President Iervolino. We hope that this work will see its first fruits soon.

“Surviving? We believe in it a lot, this is demonstrated by the fact that despite the defeat the boys came out to applause and in the last three matches they have fought incredibly. We believe in it, director Sabatini said it very clearly, Iervolino reiterates it constantly. The whole club still believes in it, the league table is short, there are many games. We will work belly to belly to make this happen in every way.”


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