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Sampdoria 1-3 Juve


We have become much more solid, organised, disciplined with our movements under Max. This has shown hugely in the last few games. And clearly has long been worked upon, with the squad as a whole, hence why it still shows through, during this period of hideous injuries.

I keep thinking that our opponents are unlucky, and we are fortunate to both avoid conceding more and for the goals we find. Yet when we seem lucky for many games, the conclusion leads towards a system of sorts working towards maybe not fluid, gorgeous, exciting football, but nonetheless, making our own luck.

We beat Samp due to two appalling individual errors by their centrebacks and a brilliant Tek save from a penalty.

Arthur is finally, after 18 months, looking more valuable, and as he has threatened before, he is now nourshing my idea that we will never get the best of him unless we move to play more attacking football and include more in the first team intelligent of movement and capable of one touch and move to receive football. That is not where we are. Yet I am pleased to see Arthur showing some value. Just as well, given we won’t be able to sell him for anything but a loss this Summer, so he stays.

I watch a lot of premier league football. The most common failings I find with Juve, when compared with Liverpool, Chelsea, City, Arsenal even! >>>

Our fullback positions are weak. Danilo is a solid defender, though offers next to nowt in the final third. Juan rarely plays there now and has been very inconsistent this season. De Sciglio is solid as in bang average. Pellegrini has welcome energy and zeal but low quality. Sandro has been horridly jaded for three years now.

Our midfield has no fluidity. Arthur looks better. Locatelli appears still so much less than who he was at Sass, and for La Nazionale. Rabiot is a human fortress who moves like a fucking Castle on the chess board.

We are on a good run of results, if not form. Bravo Max.

I am a cynical bastard. And am far more focused upon the aim to achieve 4th spot and CL qualifiucation, than any lofty ideas of winning the scudetto. From my perspective, we are currently keeping pace to achieve 5th, if Atalanta win their games in hand.

My brutal aspersions on social media are often too emotive fresh from games, and I thank those who have corrected me, for we have found an identity. It is very organised, very defensive, counter attacking, pragmatic. This may be what Max has considered the best way to meet our goals this season, and so far, we are on track.

Much of me urges to use this platform to deliver a sermon of geopolitcal ranting and rambling. Yet I will refrain, other than a brief mention of>>>

On the Economist board of the Bildeberg group, he sits alongside Eric Schmidt (the Executive Chairman of Google, and another regular participant at Bilderberg) and Sir Simon Robertson (the Deputy Chairman of HSBC – the Bilderberg Association is registered to Simon Robertson Associates LLP). These crowds are incredibly corrupt.

Henry Kissinger, one of the inner circle of the Bilderberg Group, was a friend of John Elkann’s grandfather, Giovanni Agnelli. Kissinger wrote:

“During the last two decades of his life, no one was closer to me than Gianni Agnelli.”

Agnelli was also a close friend of David Rockefeller, another leading light of Bilderberg:

“It is fervently hoped that Iachi will rise to this Pantheon. Ready to assist him are Fiat consultant Henry Kissinger, and Agnelli’s dear friend David Rockefeller, just in case.” (Harpers and Queen, 2002)

Dr Kissinger remains close to the family, and to John Elkann:

“Mr Elkann’s godfather is Henry Kissinger and he openly admits an affinity with Pritzker, Ridley and Walton US industrial dynasties.” (Financial Times, 2015)

Here is Elkann with Kissinger in Rome 2008:

Our club are run by globalists of the corporate elite, who have long been bedfellows with far worse mega killers than Abramovich…