Serbia Coach: ‘Milinkovic-Savic should go to Juventus’


Serbian International team coach Dragan Stojković believes Sergej Milinković-Savić should join Juventus in the summer. Speaking to Turin-based daily Tuttosport, Stojković shared his thoughts on the Coppa Italia, Dusan Vlahovic and why Milinkovic-Savic would be a perfect fit for the Bianconeri:

What would you advise Sergei if he asked you whether to choose Juventus or Milan: 

“I would tell him Juventus. Why? Because Juventus is an institution. And above all because Dušan Vlahovic is already playing at this club. It would be easier for me to follow only one club! Joke aside, Segrej is the perfect player for Allegri’s team. I watch all the Juventus matches and they miss a midfielder like SMS. Sergei has stature, assists, goals, knows the Italian league.

However…I’m cheering for Sergei at Juventus, but that decision isn’t up to me. The intentions of Agnelli and Lotito will be counted. Dušan and Sergei, in addition to being teammates in the Serbian selection, they are also great friends. And I know the two of them will talk about it. And I know Dušan would be delighted. However, it all depends on Lazio and Juventus.”

Thoughts on the Coppa Italia?

“Vlahovic will gscore. The final is an important event for this Juventus season, and above all for Dušan, who will do his best to raise the trophy.”

Are you not worried about the form of the young striker?

“No one should be worried by Dusan. He plays very well and it is impossible to score in every game. At this point, the most important thing for him is to stay calm, he doesn’t think about goals, because they will surely come. The big strikers work that way, they live for the moment when the ball will shake the net. I played in Marseille with Jean Pierre Papin and every time the game ended, no matter the outcome, he would get annoyed if he hadn’t scored. As soon as I see Dušan, I will tell him some more anecdotes about Papin”.

You believe Vlahovic will be even better next season?

“Vlahovic is only 22 years old. He was brought for big money and is the center forward of a big club and therefore there is a lot of pressure on him. It is natural that he has to find a balance in the team for him, however, this is how Dusan has already done a huge job. I know from experience that in training he is never satisfied. Vlahovic has the mind and behavior of a 30-year-old. At the end of the training, it is difficult to push him into the locker room. He shoots from all positions, shoots penalties, performs free kicks, everything he tries. Always! The boy won’t leave the field.”


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