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Theo Hernandez leaves Milan fans in suspense: “Will I stay? We’ll see later”


From the French national team’s camp in Paderborn, Theo Hernandez has left Milan fans anxious about his future. Speaking at a press conference alongside Marcus Thuram, the Milan left-back was non-committal about his plans, saying, “I am focused on the European Championship. Whether I will stay at Milan, we will see later.” When asked about a potential return to Spain, he deflected the question: “At the moment, I am not thinking about it yet.” This ambiguity has sent a chill through Milan supporters and possibly the club management.

La Gazzetta dello Sport detail how Zlatan Ibrahimovic, now a senior figure at Milan, had previously declared Hernandez untouchable. However, Hernandez’s comments suggest his future at the club remains uncertain, providing no clear commitment to staying with the Rossoneri.

During the press conference, Hernandez shared insights into his on-field roles and upcoming challenges. “We are working on various aspects. I enjoy attacking and love the offensive phase. With the coach, we’ve tried different situations. I’ve improved defensively since joining Milan. Initially, my defense wasn’t great, but now it’s better, though I still prefer attacking,” he explained.

Discussing France’s preparation for their Euro 2024 opener against Austria in Düsseldorf, Hernandez expressed confidence: “We’re working to be at our best. This tournament features strong national teams. We’ve prepared well and are eager to play our opening match. Our goal is to go as far as we did in the 2022 World Cup.” Reflecting on France’s runner-up finish in Qatar, he noted the team’s determination to succeed in the Euros.

Hernandez also spoke about his injured brother Lucas, revealing a close and supportive relationship: “It’s sad, I talk to him every day. He’s improving, and we’ll play for him.” Regarding his rivalry with Inter Milan’s Denzel Dumfries, given France’s upcoming match against the Netherlands, he remained diplomatic: “I’ll stay calm. What happened in the past is behind us. If I see him, I’ll greet him without issues.”

He acknowledged Germany’s strong performance against Scotland but emphasized the overall competitiveness of Euro 2024: “They are a great team, but there are many good teams. It will be a fun tournament.”

Hernandez praised his teammates, highlighting his good relationship with Kylian Mbappé and Marcus Thuram: “Kylian and I get along very well. I’m happy to play with anyone on my side. Marcus had a great season with Inter.” He also expressed admiration for Adrien Rabiot and N’Golo Kanté: “Rabiot is fantastic to play with; he often guides me. Kanté, recalled to the national team by Deschamps, remains the same excellent midfielder and we have a great relationship.”


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