Vincenzo Italiano: “We didn’t deserve to lose, we’re disappointed”



Fiorentina manager Vincenzo Italiano couldn’t hide his disappointment following their 1-0 loss in the Conference League final. A stoppage time goal from Ayoub El Kaabi in the 116th minute secured the trophy for Olympiacos, making it La Viola’s second straight final without a win. Speaking with Sky Sport Italia post-match, Italiano reflected on a frustrating evening for his team, suggesting his side had the chances to win it:

Italiano reflected on the game, lamenting their misfortune. “It’s disappointing because this is the second time we’ve lost a final. Even today, we had numerous opportunities to take the lead, and to equalize towards the end,” he stated.

Italiano began by assessing the team’s performance. “The boys did everything they needed to do; we fought hard and gave it our all. Without delving too much into the match analysis, once again, we didn’t deserve to lose a game like this. It’s a great disappointment, and perhaps we are still missing something. This is football, and we have to accept these defeats,” he said.

He continued, “I know these guys; they were all ready, prepared, and focused. It pained me to see them in tears. As for the future, right now, I also have a heart. I am someone who lives on emotions, and at this moment, I am too disappointed, saddened, and disheartened. I was the first to believe in this.”

“On Sunday, we go to Bergamo, and then this season will come to an end,” he noted.


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