Italy’s Euro 2024 exit sparks crisis: Gravina and Spalletti face uncertain future


Italy’s disappointing performance at Euro 2024 has plunged the national team into crisis, with both coach Luciano Spalletti and Italian Football Federation (FIGC) President Gabriele Gravina facing mounting pressure. The Azzurri’s premature exit from the tournament has left fans and officials stunned, prompting calls for significant changes within the team structure.

Spalletti, who was appointed as head coach with high expectations, now finds his position under scrutiny despite having a contract until 2026 that includes the World Cup in the USA. His annual salary of €3 million and Gravina’s recent public endorsement of his capabilities may not be enough to secure his future.

The situation is equally precarious for Gravina, whose leadership is being questioned in light of the team’s poor performance. With FIGC presidential elections scheduled before March 2025, the Euro 2024 failure could significantly impact his re-election prospects.

To address the mounting concerns and provide explanations for Italy’s underwhelming tournament showing, Gravina and Spalletti will hold a joint press conference today at 12:30 local time in Iserlohn, Germany, where the team has been based. This conference is expected to shed light on the future of both the coach and the federation president, as well as outline potential changes to the national team setup.

The press conference will likely address key issues such as:

1. An analysis of Italy’s Euro 2024 performance
2. The future of Spalletti as head coach
3. Potential changes in the team’s structure and strategy
4. Gravina’s plans for the federation leading up to the 2025 elections


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